About us

Mantra is the core framework to develop highly scalable and maintenable projects, systems and complex applications.

As Chief Developer of Mantra, me and the team are used to face this kind of projects and, thus, the design principles needed to success with them.

Mantra Mission

We’re a team of creative and experienced Node.js developers and love software quality. We deliver secure, reusable and well designed components and projects based on Mantra framework, as you can do using Mantra:

Deliver a high quality Mantra components and projects published at the downloads section.

Support our customers to integrate the components in their own projects.

Maintain Mantra core framework to improve it constantly (always backward compability as a feature).

Encourage and train other developers to develop Mantra components and projects and publish them in our downloads section.

Visit contact section for any question and we'll be happy to read you.

Components & Projects

About 50% of functionality of any application consists of common code and functionality already present in other projects.

Reusability is one of the leitmotive of Mantra and it is in the core of it, so we upload to share components well tested and documented to be included in your projects.

In adition to components, we'll publish projects as starter kits to start with in your new projects.