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Mantra and webassembly components

Mantra has been designed for high performance applications. Adding webassembly technology to Mantra components is the next step

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Rust + WebAssembly technology is being adopted increasingly in web applications, specially for those that have high performance requirements, like games, IoT applications or any other kind of apps with real time needs.

At the time of writing this, WebAssembly is not known enough for most of developers, but this will change in the near future while web applications require higher performance needs.

Mantra is a webassembly-ready framework, this means that you can develop Mantra components that implements some of its features using Rust + WebAssembly (if you don't know what Rust is, just to say that is the low level language used to develop WebAssembly applications).

In current version of Mantra (1.3.0), you can run Mantra components that performs specific tasks with WebAssembly (both in client and server side).

In the coming roadmap of Mantra, some improvements will be included to make easier the lifecycle of WebAssemply workflows:

  • Definition of scripts to run before mantrad startapp is executed (so that a WebAssembly Mantra component can run cargo build, for instance).

  • New core command to run scrtips components and check warnings in building process:

$ mantrad run-script build

As long as new Mantra projects are being developed, new features and improvements are being introduced constantly.