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Mantra roadmap

Just after production ready release, we tell you the roadmap for Mantra for the coming months and years

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Mantra project started since three years ago at the time of writing this.

This is a long time and lots of hours of coding and effort (and of experience, I dare to say).

This project has been growing by extracting and abstracting specific and common functionality of Node.js projects.

Mantra implements some developing principles described at our whitepaper.

But Mantra project is much more than Mantra itself. It is not only an open-source projects open to anyone, is the core building block to develop professional projects with minimal costs with the support of a commercial model we are building nowadays.

Our mission is to develop and provide a mature javascript framework to deploy professional projects with minimum technical debt and high reusability. We can get this if Mantra Paradigm Principles are followed.

We are working hard to publish at this site lots of content: articles, how-to guides, blog posts and so on, but also official Mantra components and what we call seed projects.

Official Mantra components are coding blocks that resolve common projects functionality, as you can see at our components download section. Currently, only Mantra team members and upload and share these components, but in the coming months, we expect to allow anyone using Mantra to upload theirs own components and projects.

Seed projects are full projects you can download, install and run with specific functionality. You can use those projects as final products or as starting points for your own projects with specific requirements.

We love code quality and to develop and deploy maintenable projects developed professionally.

We're glad for all the news Mantra will bring us in the coming months, because we are proud of this project and its contribution to professional communities of developers.

Despite Mantra is only three years old, we have an exciting road ahead.