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Some recommendations when working with Mantra

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Usually, in software development we use the word stack, referring to a number of technologies that we use togheter in our projects.

So to speack, Mantra is some kind of smart layer over Node.js that allows you to develop high performance projects with good organization, reusability and good design, to build projects will high maintenability if you follow Mantra Development Principles.

Reusability is one of our mantra preferred words, and this not only implies to reuse components from one project to another, but to reuse the technologies stack you are used to for most of your projects.

It is true that some projects can require specific technologies or deployment environments, but for most of them, the same techologies stack are right and possible.

If you are very experienced with a specific technology stack, then you will be able to write projects faster and better. Think about this. As in many other sectors, some techonologies fashions should be avoided (most of the will be forgotten in a few number of years, I promise).

In Mantra teams, we usually face our projects with the following stack:

  • MySql / PostgreSql / Aurora most of the times (or a mix of data providers within the same project).

  • Simple UI with Mustache for building HTML documents and web components.

  • Nginx as reverse proxy in deployments to AWS of Digital Ocean.

  • And Mantra / Node.js (obviously).

Be and expert in your own technology stack and you will work in a more profitable way (or the company you work in). Finally, in most of the cases, we should quote projects assuming a number of working hours; reduce them (without sacrifing good design and quality), and you'll get more rentability.

Software development it is not only a matter of build software with good design, good testing, etc.: projects profitability should be considered as well and this can condition some aspects of the technologies to use.