Mantra how-to guide

Using official Mantra components in your projects

Mantra official components is a repository with an incresing number of components you can install to reuse common Mantra (or any project) functionality

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One of the mantra project concepts is to reuse common functionaliy or adapt easily the funcionality of an existing component.

As new Mantra projects are developed (by current Mantra team), we try to extract some components that can be reused in new projects. By reusing them, we get speed in our own developments.

Software development should be profitable, not only in economic terms but in developer productivity. Consider that for any software project, about 50/60% of its functionaliy is common between projects.

Mantra site has a repository with an increasing number of components you can reuse for free. In the roadmap of Mantra site, we'll open in the coming months the posibility that any Mantra developer can sell his / her own components or projects, this is, Mantra site will be some kind of marketplace of Mantra projects and components.

You can download manually the components you need directly (need to be logged in), or you can use download-component Mantra core command inside your project:

$ mantrad download-component files

In this example component files will be downloaded; the command will prompt to install and to enable it after downloading. You'll be asked for a license key ID you can get for free from your profile section in Mantra site.

Mantra components that can be downloaded from Mantra site are secured and has been used in a number of projects.

Our recommendation is that you have a look to this repository to know first hand that functionality you can use to avoid reinventing the wheel...

Obviously, you also can download Mantra components from any other kind of public repositories, like Github.

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