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New release: 1.2.3

Some minor fixes and new improvements added

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Mantra is a framework designed so that you can use it today, new month and during next years despite new improvements are added continuosly.

In software development, one of the main costs of any project over time, consists of the migration of underlying technology or libraries or frameworks used, specially when they get obsolete.

We don't want that for Mantra: we guarantee that the foundations of current Mantra version, will be available in the coming months and years. This is, if you develop a Mantra project today, future versions of Mantra will be always backward compatible.

However, new improvements are added and the improvement of current functionality is an on going work for Mantra team.

We are glad to announce this week a new minor version, 1.2.3, in which we have to stand out these improvements and minor fixes:

  • New core command added: gzip-project. With this command, you can gzip a whole project from the command line in seconds.

  • Console object added to Mantra.Utils. With this new API object, you get common methods when developing Mantra commands, making your code smaller.

  • New method for Mantra API: UpdateSchemaWithCurrentEntities. This is the most important update of 1.2.3 version. With this method, when a component changes its version because a model change or update, just calling UpdateSchemaWithCurrentEntities and the new model is instantiated moving all entites to the new model. You can use it if no data transformation are needed.

  • New core command added: show-component-config. With this new command, you can output the configuration of any specific component without looking for it in the code, this can save you some seconds...

  • Fix when multiple providers present in the same project.

  • Injections documentation added.

  • General refactorings for better performance.

  • Project commands can include relative or absolute project directory. This is new ability, you can run a Mantra project o any of its commands, without the need to be inside the project folder.

  • sqlite3 to mapbox/node-sqlite3 with fixes.

  • Updating data models documentation added.

  • Documentation improved.

  • MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Aurora added to new-project command.

  • If a prerequest doesn't exist, an error message is shown instead of an exception

So, what's next in the next version of Mantra.

We are already working in 1.3.x version, which will include new and exciting improvements:

  • Redis support! as a data provider.
  • New useful core command.
  • Improvements in performance.
  • The ability to launch a Mantra project as a system daemon.

Apart from all this, we are updating components and demos projects continuosly.

As we say in Mantra team: good coding!

Regards from Mantra team.