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iTransfer: New seed Mantra project added

Seeds projects are Mantra project you can use freely as they are or use them as starting points for your own projects

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We are happy to announce this week the publicaction of first Mantra seed project.

The best way to share Mantra development culture, is to publish components and projects developed by this technology.

A seed project is a full software project with a number of complete features that have been developed following Mantra development principles. In addition to show you how fun is to develop with Mantra, their purpose is to show how Mantra expects its principles to be implemented as well.

You can use a seed project as it comes when you download it (using download-project command), or as a starting point to modify it or to add more features to build your own projects.

This first project published these days, is named "iTransfer". Is a simple version (very simple version...) of We Transfer popular site: you can upload a file, get a short url to share it and you can send that url to anyone to download the file. The file, as default, will be available one day.

This main feature of iTransfer can be seem as simple, but to accomplish it, a number of components are included in the project in addition to a background job to remove old files, among others stuff.

Any way, you can read this project to learn more about Mantra or use it freely for any other purpose. As you can see, all their components are small and easy to read and most of them are resuable or easy to modify to integrate in other projects.

We are engaged to publish components and seed projects continuosly, as I'll do in the coming weeks and months, but iTransfer is the first one!

Have a look on it or register at the site to get noticed about new components and seed projects published.

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