Mantra how-to guides

Mantra how-to guides

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Run a static web page with Mantra

No need to host a web server to run a simple static web page. Just run Mantra with simple configuration

Prompt a console question with Mantra API

Commands usually need some console utilities you use easily using Mantra API

Render a simple view

The rendering process of a view is straightfoward with Mantra

Basic CRUD operations with Mantra data object mapper

To write simple CRUD operations is extraordinary easy with Mantra data models

Define the landing page for a Mantra web application

The landing page is just a view defined by any component

Use PM2 as daemon process manager to run Mantra projects

PM2 is an amazing tool to use in your deployments with a number of great features

Iterate over all entities of a model

With simple Mantra object mapper you can code tasks like iterating over all entities of a component model is done in one line of code

Define differents data providers for dev and production

Your development environment is different than production one. You can choose different data providers for each environment

Static cache for MIME files

Mantra core components include "static", a simple and efficient component to cache project MIME types

Doing DAL in the right way

In each project, how components access its data it's extremely important and following the right principles is a must

  • 11 - 20 (38)