Mantra official documentation

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Anatomy of a Mantra Project

A Mantra project is located in a folder with the following assets:

  • Folders containing Mantra components (defined in mantraconfig.json file configuration).
  • Folders containing frontend (one or more), located at "/ui" folder with all its stuff.
  • mantraconfig.json file with project and applications properties.

A single project can define one or more related applications, according to mantraconfig.json properties.

Mantra looks up that file to start one of the applications with startapp command, such as:

$ mantrad startapp myapp

Any Mantra project can contain any number of frontends and components.

As an example:

`-- components
    `-- component-a
        |-- component-a.js
        |-- mantra.json
    `-- component-b
        |-- component-b.js
        |-- mantra.json
`-- ui
    `-- frontend
        |-- 404.html
        |-- browserconfig.xml
        |-- css
        |   |-- main.css
        |-- favicon.ico
        |-- index.html
        |-- js
        |   |-- main.js
|-- mantraconfig.json

To learn by example, go to Mantra demos and components sections of Mantra site.