Mantra official documentation

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Mantra Bootstrap Process

When Mantra starts a new application (with command startapp), performs a number of steps and checks.

Basically, these steps are the following:

  • Load mantraconfig.json file configuration of the project.
  • Verify the configuration file is fine checking some guards.
  • Calculates the components and services that should be loaded, according to the application configuration.
  • Check components dependencies and if someone should be updated.
  • Load the components.
  • Perform some internal actions to cache important data.
  • Call onStart() method of the components that implements it.
  • If service "view", "get" or "post" is active, call onServerStarter() of the components that implements it.
  • If everything is ok, call onSystemStarted() of the components that implements it.

In that moment, the application is up & runnin as will be shown in the console.

To learn by example, go to Mantra demos and components sections of Mantra site.