Mantra release notes for 'v1.2.3' version


Clone this version and install globally

$ git clone -b v1.2.3
$ cd mantrad
/mantrad$ npm install . -g
/mantrad$ npm rebuild

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v1.2.3 release notes

Minor fixes, new core commands and performance improvements in 1.2.3:

  • Fix when multiple providers present in the same project

  • Injections documentation added

  • New core command added: gzip-project

  • General refactorings for better performance

  • Project commands can include relative or absolute project directory

  • sqlite3 to mapbox/node-sqlite3 with fixes

  • Updating data models documentation added

  • New method for Mantra API: UpdateSchemaWithCurrentEntities

  • Documentation improved

  • New core command added: show-component-config

  • MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Aurora added to new-project command

  • If a prerequest doesn't exist, an error message is shown instead of an exception

  • Console object added to Mantra.Utils