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09 Red Entities query shortcuts

Red Entities has been designed to minimize the code needed to access data, in a regular and coherent way, avoidin sql syntax directly with all its dialects depending on the provider.

There exists four shorcuts or selectors to write sql sentences efficiently and quickly.


const db = await RedEntities.Entities(sampleSchema);

, you have these shorcuts:

  • S() -> to create select queries
  • I() -> to create insert queries
  • U() -> to create update queries
  • D() -> to create delete queries

Extremely easy to use and extremely efficient for developers to write CRUD functions.

Selectors are properties of entity instance of db object; in the sample, there's a 'user' entity (table):

  • db.users.S()
  • db.users.I()
  • db.users.U()
  • db.users.D()